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We are an energy and chemical enterprise that has been settled for 30 years.

Why choose Dico Energy

Our constant upgrading and self-breakthrough have kept us at the leading position in the industry. We are only committed to excellence in our professional field and integrate this commitment into every link of R&D, production and service. Our diversified technologies and solutions create more value for customers and obtain more excellent use experience.

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  • Cementing Additives
  • Drag reducing agent
  • Clean Energy Resources
Qingdao Dimensional Copolymerization Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-Tech enterprise that has been committed to R & D, sales and service of new energy (solar, wind, energy storage, etc.) equipment since its establishment. At present, we mainly provide installation, operation and maintenance services for distributed photovoltaic, distributed wind power and energy storage, and are committed to providing high-quality clean energy solutions.


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Challenge Us To Find Your Reinforcement Solution

At Dico Energy, we take pride in our dedicated technical experience with cementing chemicals, drag reducer and new energy services.

Our constant upgrading and self-breakthrough have kept us at the leading position in the industry.
It's our job to work closely with our customers on a variety of new projects not only as suppliers, but as developers. This involves getting to know you and your project needs inside and out, so that we can dedicate ourselves to creating the ideal solution for you.
Do you have an idea or project in mind that Dico Energy can bring to fruition? If so, we want to be your partner. Please contact a member of our team to find out more information.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Dico Energy steadfastly walks on the way to better practices in Quality, Health,Safety &Environment. We believe that qualified products, healthy employees safe operations & environment-friendly production are critical to our success We are ISO 9001ISO 14002,OHSAS 18001 &API Q1 certified.

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