Product Description

The main components of the product are poly-alpha olefin polymer powder and suitable wrapping materials. Easy to store and use.

Solid drag reducers require secondary processing by agents/users. Products are made of polymers produced by special processes with good uniformity and are not easy to decompose. The increase rate of drag reducing agent tested by the manufacturer only represents the data of the drag reducing agent on the manufacturer's experimental pipeline. The actual value should be based on the local test data.

Application Method

Solutions with a density of 0.87 +0.005 g/cubic centimeter (all of the solutions mentioned below are final solutions compounded with polymer powders) should be selected for compounding. It is required that the selected solution can not dissolve polymer powders, and the solution can form a suspension with polymer powders. The maximum amount of polymer powder added to the finished product of drag reducing agent per cubic meter is not more than 360 kg. The finished product should be used as soon as possible after compounding.

Technical Data                                 

Test items

Executive standard

Technical parameters of products


Visual measurement



Visual measurement




A slight hydrocarbon odor.



Insoluble in water, soluble in hydrocarbon solvents and oils


GB/T 6679

Sampling at 7 different locations was 2 g and 14 g, respectively.


GB/T 4472


Flash point (closed) ℃

ATSM D7094


pH value(%)

pH test paper


Polymer content



Rate of increase

SY/T 6578


Note: The above data only represent the parameters of  DOD-S310 regular crude oil & petroleum oil drag reducer. The technical parameters of different types of drag reducing agent will be slightly different.


The solid drag reducer is packed in 15Kg/carton, which conforms to the transport specifications.

Storage and Handling

Storage conditions of products require as much shade as possible, the best storage conditions: temperature from - 20℃ to 20℃, storage environment to avoid light. Limit storage temperature is -40℃~50℃. The closer the limit storage temperature is, or the higher the limit storage temperature is, the more likely it will destroy the physical form of drag reducer and lead to difficulty in using it.

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