DOC-G86L is a kind of AMPS polymer fluid loss additive which has the characters of anti high temperature, anti-salt, quick strength development and few free water. It is a kind of widespread use product, which can be used in different kinds of cement slurry systems and has good compatibility with other additives. 

DOC-G86L has few requirements with mixing water and is not only applicable in freshwater cement slurry, but also applicable in sea water cement slurry. The product dosage is not sensitive and there is no mutation point and safety in use.

Usage range

Temperature:0~230℃ (BHCT).

Recommend dosage:4.0~6.0% (BWOC).

Applicable in every kind of cement slurry systems, which are composed by every grade of oil-well cement(defined by GB10238 or APISpec10A) and other additives(just like silicon powder, drift beads, flyash, bentonite, barite powder and hematite).

DOC-G86L can be used together with medium temperature retarder DOC-H100L, high temperature retarder DOC-H50L, early strength agent  DOC-A90S and disperser DOC-F41L, and can also be used alone.

Technical data




 Light yellow sticky liquid



Fluid Loss(50℃,6.9MPa,30min),ml


Free Water(50℃),ml


Pour Point, ℃ (winter recipe)


Composition of cement slurry: Class “G” cement 800g, Fresh water 352g, DOC-G86L  30g,  DOC-X60L 4g.


It should be stored in cool, dry and ventilated areas and avoid being exposed to the sun and rain.

Shelf life:24 months.

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