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DICO Energy focus on the production and service of oilfield cementing chemicals and crude oil pipeline drag reducer, including fluid loss additives, cementing defoamer, cementing dispersant, cementing retarder and crude oil drag reducing agent,etc.Since the establishment of the company, the annual average export volume of oilfield cementing chemicals and pipeline drag reducer is about 20000 to 40000 tons, and the annual average sales volume is 200 million USD per year.

We have a professional and highly responsible team.

With the revolution of the new energy industry, DICO Energy is also expanding its industrial layout and has invested in many service projects in the new energy field in the past three years. Up to now, the company has invested and built five distributed photovoltaic power generation projects worldwide, participated in many wind power generation projects as an investor, and exported and installed new energy equipment to many countries. In terms of technology, our company has continuously improved its technical level, sought diversified solutions to adapt to various construction scenarios to meet customers’ requirements continuously, and accumulated wide-ranging project experience.

The largest production line of oilfield cementing chemicals and crude oil pipeline drag reducing agent

As the world's leading supplier of petroleum chemicals and oilfield service company, we have advanced laboratories and professional R&D personnel to independently provide customers with technical solutions and customized products. We have 500 business elites. From design, configuration, testing to production, every link benefits from our skilled employees.

Qingdao Dimensional Copolymerization Energy Co., Ltd (DICO Energy) is one of the earliest companies committed to the R&D and production of oilfield cementing chemicals and crude oil pipeline drag reducer in China, and has become one of the most powerful oilfield service manufactures in China. Its services run through all stages of the development and production of onshore and offshore oilfields, mainly including oilfield cementing services and oilfield pipeline technology services.

As a high standard production and technical service company, we pay more attention to production equipment. We have advanced high-pressure reactors, pressure separators, gas chromatographs, high performance liquid chromatographs, Brinell viscometers and other testing equipment. With good products and services, we have established long-term cooperation with oil field companies in dozens of countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, the United States, Russia, Indonesia, and Europe, and have been highly recognized by them.

As the largest manufacturer of cementing chemicals and pipeline drag reducer in China, we always adhere to the highest quality, health, safety and environmental standards, and focus on providing customers with first-class quality services.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Dico Energy steadfastly walks on the way to better practices in Quality, Health,Safety &Environment. We believe that qualified products, healthy employees safe operations & environment-friendly production are critical to our success We are ISO 9001ISO 14002,OHSAS 18001 &AP Q1 certified.

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