Technical Data                                 

Test items

Executive standard

Technical parameters of products


Visual measurement

White liquid


Visual measurement




A slight hydrocarbon odor.



Insoluble in water, soluble in hydrocarbon solvents and oils


Gb/t 6680

300 ml test; 300 ml sample preparation


Gb/t 4472


Flash point (closed) ℃

Atsm d7094


Ph value

Ph test paper


Kinematic viscosity


Sy/t 0520


Polymer content(%)



Rate of increase

Sy/t 6578


Pour point(℃)

Gb/t 3535 2006



Note: The above data only represent the parameters of DOD-E400H regular crude oil & petroleum oil drag reducer. The technical parameters of different types of drag reducing agent will be slightly different.

Product Description

The main components of the product are poly-alpha olefin polymer powder and mixed alcohol ether suspension. Easy to store and use.

Drag reducer is used in long distance pipelines, suitable for crude oil & petroleum oil pipelines, polymer produced by common process, suitable for pipelines that can achieve higher transport/drag reduction effect by injecting more drag reducer, keep the environment closer to the limit environment, and products are more used in cold areas. Usually the injection concentration is more than 15 ppm. By adding a small amount of drag reducing agent (ppm level) to the pipeline, the physical effect can be eliminated, the turbulence of high-speed fluid can be eliminated, and the drag of delay can be reduced. Finally, the purpose of increasing pipeline transportation capacity and reducing pipeline operation pressure can be achieved. The performance of drag reducing agent is greatly affected by the pipeline working conditions. The increase rate of drag reducing agent tested by the manufacturer only represents the data of the drag reducing agent on the manufacturer's experimental pipeline. The actual value should be based on the local test data.

Application Method

The product can be used in most long-distance pipelines. Users need to provide specific pipelines parameters to manufacturer for simple calculation.

Drag reducing agent is injected into the pipeline quantitatively through plunger pump, the injection point should on the back end of oil pump and as close as possible to the outbound side. For multi-pipelines, the injection point should be selected at the back of the pipelines junction point. This can promote the drag reducer’s better performance .


This product is packed in IBC plastic tank container, 1000L/barrel. Compliance with transport specifications

Storage And Handling

Please keep this product away from light. Best storage conditions: temperature between -30℃ to 30℃, storage environment should be dark. Ultimate storage temperature between -50℃ ~50℃. The nearer to the ultimate storage temperature or exceed this temperature value, the higher risk to destroy the physical form of drag reducer and cause difficulty in use.

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