DOC-S11S is made up of several kinds of polymers, it has strong suspension property and compatibility. When replacing drilling fluid, it can effectively segregate drilling fluid and cement slurry. It can avoid the pollution of cement slurry so as to affect the rheological behavior and lead to the poor quality of cementing.According to different formation pressure needs, you can prepare the isolation liquid in different range of density when using DOC-S11S.  The density can be adjusted in range of 1.0~2.2g/cm3. Mixing spacer fluid with DOC-S11S, and then storing it for 24 hours, it has good setting stability and the density difference between top and bottom is below than 0.10g/cm3.

The spacer is simple formulation and there is no special demand for slurry distribution environment.

Usage range

Temperature:≤140℃ (BHCT).

Recommend dosage:2.0~5.0% (BWOW).

Recommend to check its compatibility with cement slurry before using it.

Technical data




Grey powder



Water Content,%


pH(1% aqueous solution)


Water-insoluble Matter, %




It should be stored in cool, dry and ventilated areas and avoid being exposed to the sun and rain.

Shelf life:24 months.

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