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Qingdao Dimensional Copolymerization Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-Tech enterprise that has been committed to R & D, sales and service of new energy (solar, wind, energy storage, etc.) equipment since its establishment. At present, we mainly provide installation, operation and maintenance services for distributed photovoltaic, distributed wind power and energy storage, and are committed to providing high-quality clean energy solutions.

Qingdao Dimensional Copolymerization Energy Co., Ltd. has always focused on the field of new energy power generation, adhered to market demand-oriented and technological innovation as the power source for enterprise development, and cultivated a professional R & D team with rich R & D experience and strong independent innovation ability; At the same time, our company also has an installation team with extensive installation experience and an operation and maintenance team.

So far, Qingdao Dimensional Copolymerization Energy Co., Ltd. has invested and built a number of distributed photovoltaic power stations worldwide, cooperated with wind power projects, and exported and installed new energy equipment to many countries; In terms of technology, our company has continuously improved technical level, sought diversified solutions to adapt to various construction scenarios, continuously meet customers’ requirements, and accumulated wide-ranging project experience.

The target of our company will be based on the development and operation of distributed and centralized clean energy power stations, and new energy equipment export and equipment business. Accelerate the development of clean energy system integration and investment and construction business. Innovate and expand new business in the field of clean power. Help many domestic and foreign enterprises, industry parks and governments accelerate the realization of the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. We set our sights on distributed investors and builders of small and medium-sized enterprises. Meet the requirements of different customers, actively participate in global competition, and strive to build our company into a world-class enterprise in clean energy industry.


Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Dico Energy steadfastly walks on the way to better practices in Quality, Health,Safety &Environment. We believe that qualified products, healthy employees safe operations & environment-friendly production are critical to our success We are ISO 9001ISO 14002,OHSAS 18001 &API Q1 certified.

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