DOC-G90S is a type of fluid loss additive that the main component was humic acid and AMPS graft polymers, which has good fluid loss control ability and high strength develop speed and low free water, and it also has good universality and can be used in a group of slurry system.


It can obviously reduce the fluid loss amount, generally can be controlled within 100ml. Increase dosage amount, it can be controlled within 50ml.

Thickening time regularly reduces with the temperature increase. It has no verse effect on cement stone.

Dosage is insensitive, no mutational site. Can be used safely.

Physical and Chemical Properties




Black or brown black powder

Bulk density, g/cm3


Solubility, %


Moisture content, %


Rheological property, 90℃


Fluid loss amount (90℃,6.9MPa,30min), mL


Cement slurry composition: 100% class "G" cement, +44% fresh water +1% water loss control agent, DOC-G90S+0.25% defoaming agent DOC-X60L


The recommended operating temperature was below 180℃ (BHCT).

The recommended dosage was 1.0-1.5% (BWOC).

Applicable to high temperature, low density and high density of cement slurry system mix with every level of oil well cement 

and admixture in the definition of API Spec10A (such as silica fume, cenosphere, fly ash, slag, bentonite and barite powder and iron powder, etc.)

It can be used in conjunction with medium temperature retarder DOC-H100L, high temperature retarder DOC-H50L, early strength agent DOC-A90S, dispersant DOC-F45L, and also can be used alone.


Keep in a cool, cool and dry environment. Avoid sun and rain.

Shelf life is 12 months.

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