DOC-G84S(651S-2) is a kind of polymer fluid loss additive. It is mainly composed of AMPS/NN/lignin with good temperature and salt resistance, and is copolymerized with other salt resistant monomers.Its molecule contains a large number of strong adsorption groups such as - CONH2, - SO3H, - COOH, which play an important role in salt resistance, temperature resistance, adsorption of free water, and water loss reduction.

DOC-G84S(651S-2) is a kind of widespread use product,which can be used in different kinds of cementing slurry system and has good compatibility with other additives.It improves salt resistance property and have better salt resistance.

DOC-G84S(651S-2) is suitable for a wide range of temperatures and can withstand high temperatures up to 230 ℃. Due to the introduction of humic acid, the suspension stability of the cement slurry system is better at high temperatures.

DOC-G84S(651S-2) can be used alone,and the synergistic effect with DOC-631S/632S is better.

DOC-G84S(651S-2) is applicable in freshwater/salt water cement slurry.


Physical Properties




Brown grey powder


Cement Slurry Properties


Technical Index

Test Condition

Fluid lossmL



Thickening timemin



Initial consistencyBc


Compression strengthMPa


80℃,atmospheric pressure24h

Free watermL


80℃,atmospheric pressure

Slurry composition:100% Class G cement(high sulfur resistance)+44.0% freshwater+0.9% DOC-G84S(651S-2)+0.5 %  Defoamer。


Usage Range

Temperature:below 230℃(BHCT).

Recommend dosage:0.6%-2.0%(BWOC).



Packaged in 25 Kg multi-ply paper sack with waterproof plastic film inside. Or based on customers' request.



DOC-G84S(651S-2) can also supply liquid product,

the liquid product model is DOC-G84L(651L-2).

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