Product Description

 DOC-FL35S (641S) is a kind of polymer fluid loss agent for oil well cement. AMPS is the main monomer and is copolymerized with other salt-resistant monomers. It plays an important role in salt resistance, temperature resistance, adsorption of free water, and water loss reduction.

 DOC-FL35S (641S) has good versatility and can be used in various cement slurry systems, with good compatibility with other admixtures.

 DOC-FL35S (641S) has a high low shear rate viscosity, which can effectively enhance the suspension stability of the cement slurry system, while maintaining the fluidity of the slurry and preventing settlement.

 DOC-FL35S (641S) is suitable for a wide range of temperatures, with a high temperature resistance of up to 180. The cement slurry system has good flowability and stability, with less free liquid and no delayed setting. The early strength development at low temperatures is fast.

 DOC-FL35S (641S) is suitable for fresh water/saltwater slurry mixing.


Physical and Chemical Indicators




White to light yellow powder

Cement Slurry Property


Technical index

Test condition

Fluid loss,mL



Compressive strength,MPa


80℃, atmospheric pressure ,24h

Free fluid,mL


80℃, atmospheric pressure

Cement slurry composition100% G-grade cement (high sulfur resistance)+44.0% fresh water+0.6% DOC-FL35S (641S)+0.5% defoamer.


Application Scope

Temperature: Below 180 °C (BHCT).

Recommended dosage:Below 3.0% (BWOC) .



25kg/bag package , or according to customer requirements. 

The shelf life is 12 months.

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