1. Product Overview

(1) The anti-channeling fluid loss agent is a multicomponent copolymer and has the function of controlling and reducing fluid loss.

(2) Enhance the suspension stability of the cement slurry system, while maintaining the fluidity of the slurry to prevent settlement.

(3) The thickening is stable, and the strength development is well correlated with time.

(4) The cement slurry has short transition time and anti-gas channeling performance.

(5). Applicable temperature: below 180((356, BHCT).

(6). It has good compatibility with other additives.


2. Physical and Chemical Index

Model No.


Water Solubility


White to earth- yellow solid



3. Recommended dosage

Model No.


Dosage Range



4. Properties of Cement Slurry


Experimental Condition

Technical Index

Density of conventional cement slurry,g/cm³

25℃,ordinary pressure


Water loss,ml

Freshwater system

80℃, 6.9MPa


Thickening property

Initial consistency, Bc

80℃/45min, 46.5MPa


40-100 Transition time,min


Thickening time


Free fluid, %

80℃,ordinary pressure


24-hour intensity, MPa

Conventional density cement slurry


The experimental data are based on Chinese G-grade cement, and there are differences in test data for cement from different countries and regions


5. Packaging and storage

The product has a shelf life of 24 months and is packaged in 25kg bags, or according to customer requirements.

If the shelf life is exceeded, it must be inspected and qualified before use.

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